Sunday, September 30, 2012

Long Time No Nuffin'

Hunh? What happened... well, this picture of my filthy, destroyed shorts being kept up with some baling twine probably says it all:
The end of Summer brought a ridiculous amount of work coupled with a ridiculous amount of  heat and put me into survival mode for a month or so. That meant constant hydration, stretching, work/sleep/work mentality, and calories galore. Towards the end there, it was not uncommon for me to eat a pint of ice cream by myself after dinner EVERY NIGHT! We did some really great work getting people fed and closing up shop for the season. 

Farmers' Market #1
I have taken the time since then to tag along with Courtney to California for a week and a half and generally get my mind and body back into a normal, functioning state. I have been working at the farm since the season ended and will continue to do so through the Fall and through the next season. In some ways it was a very easy decision to make, but on a physical level it felt difficult to sign up for some of the punishment that the end of next season will inevitably bring. As if I didn't appreciate farming in this state already, doing the actual work sure brings that home real quick.

Farmers' Market #2
There are many projects that we need to get done in the Fall that I am very interested in: installing a rain water collection system, clearing land, putting up fencing, and mot importantly to me, the addition of hertitage breed hogs to the farm. Lots of work to be done and the cooling of the temperatures really helps to get me excited to be out there still. Hooray, Fall!

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