Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Season: One Month Left!

Chicken Tomato, Spiral Okra, Vortex Tomato, Magic Bug, and the Ole Beet Washing Days
The question I get most often has to be 
"How you managing out there?" 
I've been managing just fine, actually. I'm surprised at just how acclimated you can become to the heat when you aren't cranking the AC in the car and at home all summer. It's hot, don't get me wrong...really, really hot... but tolerable. The only day that gave me trouble was the freakish record-breaking 109* day that made me feel like my brain was boiling while picking tomatoes in the field at 3pm. 

It's very interesting to watch the crops in the field slowly disappear with the progression of the season. Once a row is done, it is tilled in and the emptiness of the field expands whilst the harvestable area shrinks. It's like watching the last few sands fall through an incredibly slow hourglass. 
Our recent crops for CSA and market are long beans, eggplant, various peppers, acorn squash, butternut squash, okra, and melons. Barely hanging in there are tomatoes, summer squash, and cucumbers. Pulling from our curing back stock, we are still dolling out our amazing garlic and two types of onions, as well as previously harvested potatoes. Harvest now takes most of the day with washing typically taking up a mere hour or two. Sadly, that means more time in the heat, but so it goes.
I am incredibly excited for the upcoming Fall season for a multitude of reasons:
  • two weeks off in August (!!!)
  • lots of tractor work to be done
  • installing a rain water collection system
  • clearing land
  • digging stumps 
  • installing fences
  • seeding new plants for the greenhouse
  • potentially working out some swine herding operation at the farm  
All good stuff, no?

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