Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Daze

Is Summer officially here yet? 
I'm just going to say yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah... it was so much hotter this time last year, but let's not belittle this Summer's heat just yet. I've recently started getting tan on my back, through a long sleeve shirt. The sweat drenches me on the humid days and plasters my shirt to my ever hunching over back. The sun does the rest. I've also got the okra itch, the squash scrapes, and the tomato stains. I'm hanging in there and so far, so good. 

The crops are all doing great right now! What started out as back-breaking harvesting of the petite okra plants has gotten easier with each passing week and each foot taller they grow. Yesterday, the okra plants were just above waist high on me. The squash has been prolific and it is a difficult tight-rope act trying to not crush the plants growing out into the walking aisle. I can't even recall how many hundreds of pounds of cucumbers we've been harvesting and selling wholesale... at least half a ton now. Oh, and tomatoes. They just keep coming! They are unstoppable! Quality-wise, It is absolutely AMAZING to eat okra, an over-ripe tomato, or a cucumber straight off of the plant. It makes a huge difference eating truly fresh vegetables that haven't been flown in from Peru or ripened in the back of an eighteen-wheeler from California. 
There is no going back for me. The grocery store is so very lacking.

On the horizon: eggplant, more peppers, melons, edamame, and long beans!

Most importantly, here are some fun pictures! 
Tomato face, Patty Pan squash owl in the rafters, "Brioche" squash, and a wet dog caterpillar

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How a Farm Works... Right?

Whoa! I saw this kid's toy version of a farm in the window at Whole Earth Provision the other day and couldn't help but check it out. 

So, kids, just so you know... there won't be much green space on your farm. The more concrete - the better. Also, here's how we keep and raise livestock:
 Put on your hardhat, hook your cow up to that weird machine, and jam them piggies in there. All animals live on steel grated flooring, too. Dang! This farm depresses me!   
At least that one guy might be sweeping up poop, I think.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say this is pretty good proof of big ag influence on kids. 
Good thing I'm not.